In addition to our property management and sourcing services, we also offer landlords the opportunity to build up a property investment portfolio.

We’re well placed to provide the service, as we’ve been established within the South Yorkshire market for over 40 years.

With knowledge of the Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster areas, we can offer tailored advice to potential landlords on both the region that they’re interested in and the property they choose to purchase.

We’ve built up an impressive portfolio in the county that currently encompasses 750+ properties. When you couple that with our recent shared venture with Fenton Board, there really is no better place to seek investment advice.

When it comes to purchasing the property you decide on, you can be sure that we’ll get you the best possible deal. We have access to the best local mortgage brokers, who we can call upon to help you leverage the most cost-effective way to progress.

These are people that we’ve built up trusted relationships with over time, meaning that we’re able to provide you with access to a service that would otherwise be difficult for you to find. Our job is to get the best deal for you, to ensure that we continue to deliver on customer satisfaction.

We possess the ability to help you make strategic investments that will maximise property yields. As time goes by, we can help you to build and manage a cleverly-considered property portfolio, which will provide you with an impressive, tangible investment in the South Yorkshire region.

With the property market enjoying a recovery, now is a great time to make your own investment. For more information please get in touch on 01709 365584 or submit your enquiry online.