Fully Managed Service

Extensively covering all aspects of property rental, our fully managed service is perfect for landlords who would prefer all aspects of tenant liaison to be dealt with by an agent.

In addition to the inclusion of all the features of our ‘let only’ service, it also offers an expansive variety of further bonuses. We provide:

  • Monthly rental collection, with remittance to you within 3 days of receipt
  • Regular property inspections
  • Minor or urgent repair work
  • Consultation for repairs in excess of £200
  • Tenant advice for meter readings
  • Preparation and checking of a detailed inventory at every tenant change
  • Security bond analysis

As our fully managed service has been designed to include the features of the letting only package; you can be sure that we’ll take expert care when it comes to the marketing of your property and the vetting of tenants.

Our team at Bricknells Rentals will then take a proactive, considered approach when it comes to the further care of your property. We’ll collect and process monthly rental payments, which can be paid to you either directly or into a nominated account of your choice.

We can do this via cheque or BACS, depending on your preference. Commissions will only be deduced from the rents received. Prior to the tenancy officially starting, we can also prepare a detailed inventory which will be checked during every tenant change.

To ensure that your property is running in optimum condition, we will carry out periodic property inspections throughout a tenancy. This helps us to bring to light any potential maintenance issues. If we find any, we will recommend, oversee and account for any necessary repairs. This action is included within the confines of the Management Agreement.

For repairs that are in excess of £200, we will obtain your authorisation to proceed prior to carrying out the work. Additionally, if you wish us to consult you before any repairs other than urgent works, we can do this if you advise us so at the start of the tenancy.

Once the tenants are in your property, we will provide them with advice on the process of registering meter readings with the appropriate utility companies. After the tenants have vacated the property we will then take a detailed record of all the meter readings in the case of any dispute.

As the end of a tenancy approaches, we will liaise with the occupants to renew the tenancy agreement or arrange termination as applicable. Additionally, upon the expiry of each tenancy we will refund security bonds after a thorough inspection of the property, with any necessary repairs to be deducted from the bond.

Our full management service is suitable for landlords not residing locally, or those who would rather not deal with the tenants directly.

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