Tenants Fees

Renting a property for the first time may seem a daunting task however we at Bricknells are here to help.

Note: All charges listed are inclusive of VAT

Below gives an insight in to the renting process and details our maximum agency fees.

Once you have viewed the property you would like to rent we will ask you to fill in an application form.

A maximum fee of up to £390 (see below for circumstances where fee may be refunded) per property is payable as an Arrangement Fee to cover the cost of taking up references as appropriate. These may include but are not limited to Credit, Employers, Bank and previous landlord references.

For Company Lets the Arrangement Fee is £300.

Once the application is successful by passing the credit check and the referencing process, a Holding Deposit (see below for circumstances where fee may be refunded) will be payable. On start of the tenancy, this Holding Deposit will be paid into a Government authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme as a Security Deposit or Security Bond against damages or expenses arising during the tenancy.

On receipt of the Holding Deposit we will arrange a move in date, at which point you will sign the tenancy agreement and receive the following documents:

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Inventory & Schedule of Condition
  • Annual Gas Safety Certificate (if applicable)
  • Standing order mandate for rental payments
  • Information as to where your Security Deposit is held
  • Contact numbers for office and out of hours emergencies

As rent is paid in advance, the first month’s rent must have been received in cleared funds prior to move in.

On the day of the move in, Bricknells will take meter readings and advise the relevant utility companies of your new occupation. Note that you will need to call the relevant companies to set up an account in your name(s).

During the course of the tenancy and if our agreement with the Landlord is on a ‘fully managed’ basis, we will regularly inspect the property and act on behalf of the Landlord in respect of any maintenance or repair issues.

Remember, at Bricknells we are here to help so if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Fees:

Late payment of rent reminders£25
Visits where rent is in arrears and the tenant does not respond£50
Lost keys or attending a property to let you in£25 + cost of Keys
Damage to the property caused by the Tenants neglect or neglect of persons invited to the property by the TenantTotal cost from the Contractor plus £50 administration cost
Failure to keep appointments such as Gas Safety Inspections, Periodic Inspections, which have been previously agreed, unless cancelled no later than 12 hours beforehand£25
Reference letter for Immigration£25
Landlords reference letter£25
Not cancelling Standing Order£25
Guarantor Fee£90
Change of occupancy£210
Additional copy of AST£50

Circumstances where Arrangement Fee and Holding Deposit may be refunded:

Arrangement Fee is refunded in full:

  • If the Applicant is not approved by the Landlord or the Landlord withdraws the property, or if the Landlord decides that the reference replies are unsatisfactory.

Fees are not returned in full or part:

  • If within 48 hours the proposed Tenant(s) withdraws their offer to let the property then the Arrangement Fee will be forfeited to cover the Agent’s abortive costs.
  • if after 48 hours the proposed Tenant(s) withdraws their offer to rent then the Arrangement Fee plus any Holding Deposit will be forfeit.
  • However, should the Agent/Landlord re-let the property within approximately the same timeline then the amount of the Holding Deposit forfeited will be reduced to compensate the Agent and/or Landlord for financial loss incurred.
  • If after 48 hours the proposed Tenant withdraws their offer and the Agent/Landlord cannot re-let the property by the proposed move in date then the Arrangement Fee plus the Holding Deposit will be forfeit.

Where the Agent is unable to obtain references within 5 working days then the Arrangement Fee up to £390 may be forfeit.

Should the proposed Tenant(s) provide false or misleading referencing information resulting in their application not proceeding then both the Arrangement Fee and, if paid, the Holding Deposit will be forfeit in part or in full to compensate the Agent/Landlord for financial loss incurred.

(All fees include VAT)