Ageing Population: Where are Rotherham’s OAPs all going to live?

15th December 2018

With constant advances in technology, medicine and lifestyles, people in the Rotherham area are, on average, living longer than they might have a few decades ago. As our population ages, the problem of how the older generation are accommodated is starting to emerge. We, as a town, have to consider how we supply decent and […]

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2018: who has moved house in Rotherham and why?

7th December 2018

Has the dramatic rise in Rotherham property prices of the last six years come to an end? Many economists (as well as the general public) agree that it has, but is this true? And either way, what does this mean for landlords? If you read the national newspapers you’ll probably see a talk of doom […]

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How long will it take to sell my Rotherham buy-to-let property?

27th November 2018

Currently it is taking 116 days for a property coming onto the market in Rotherham to be sold subject to contract. This amount has been increasingly steadily throughout 2018. With a longer period of time to sell, a number of landlords who are considering selling some of their portfolio have been asking our advice to […]

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Are you aware of the 100+ pieces of legislation related to renting your private property to tenants?

Landlords: are you aware of the 100+ pieces of legislation that govern the rental of private houses to tenants?

13th November 2018

“I just love looking over and keeping up to date the 100+ pieces of legislation that govern the rental of residential property in the UK” said no South Yorkshire landlord ever! If you manage your own rental property in Sheffield or Rotherham, would it surprise you know that there are 108 separate pieces of legislation […]

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Rotherham Lettings Review October 2018

Rotherham Lettings Review October 2018

8th November 2018

Each month we give an overview of the lettings market here in Rotherham. It’s important for landlords to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the rental market in our area – that’s why we post our review of the lettings market here in Rotherham. Take a look at the overview for October 2018: We’d […]

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New laws on evicting tenants: What do people with rental properties need to know?

29th October 2018

If you have a rental property it’s important to ensure you have the basics in place when bringing in a new tenant.  The basics will ensure that if you did ever need to evict then the process was as simple and pain free as possible. The last thing you need is energy and resources spent […]

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Gold Award for the AllAgents Best Lettings Branch of the Year in Rotherham, 2018

Bricknells Rentals Named Best Lettings Branch in Rotherham

22nd October 2018

We’re delighted to have been awarded the Gold Award for the Best Lettings Branch in Rotherham in 2018. We have been issued this award thanks to all the glowing reviews on allAgents – we really appreciate the positive feedback and are pleased that all of our hard work has been recognised! Alongside the Gold Award […]

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7 Reasons Why Buy-to-Let Landlords Shouldn’t Be Criticised

23rd September 2018

There is no escaping the fact that over the last couple of decades, the rise in the number buy-to-let properties in Rotherham has been nothing short of extraordinary. The press has sometimes argued that landlords are hoovering up all the properties to build buy-to-let empires and that has stopped the younger generations from being able […]

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Rotherham property value has decreased in the last 6 months: is this good news for landlords?

30th August 2018

There is potentially good news for buy-to-let landlords in the Rotherham area: the combined value of our local housing market has fallen by £178.6 million in the last 6 months, meaning the average value of a Rotherham property has decreased in value by an average of £4,560. This is also great news for Rotherham first […]

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‘Taxing’ Time for the 3,000+ Buy-to-Let Landlords in Rotherham

30th July 2018

Over the last twenty years, there has been a shift in the way the UK’s property market works. Between the 1960s and 1990s, a large majority of twenty somethings saved up their 5% deposit, went without life’s luxuries of going out and holidays etc., for a couple of years and then bought their first home […]

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