Landlords, are you prepared for Section 24?

17th July 2018

Ruban Selvanayagam, Co-Founder of Property Solvers, on why landlords need to wake up to the effects of Section 24. Back in July 2015, former Chancellor George Osborne unexpectedly sprung Section 24 of the Finance (No. 2) Act. The legislation essentially restricts mortgage interest tax relief for personally-owned residential property. Before coming into effect, landlords could […]

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How much profit could the typical Rotherham landlord make in the next 25 years?

29th June 2018

It’s our opinion that buy-to-let investment in Rotherham, in the long term, will bring substantial returns for landlords, irrespective of the latest regulation and tax changes. But just how much could landlords make in the next 25 years? We’ve looked at an average £93,000 terraced/town house property purchased with a 25% deposit and worked out […]

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Why should tenants consider Rent to Own?

30th May 2018

We’ve recently launched our very own Rent to Own scheme, which has generated a lot of interest among both landlords and tenants. Tenants in particular see Rent to Own as a great opportunity for them to get their foot on the housing ladder. If you’ve not heard of Rent to Own, we’ve put together a […]

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Why is Rent to Own a good deal for landlords?

15th May 2018

We’re launching our very Rent to Own scheme and many landlords are getting in touch with us to discuss how it could benefit them. There are many reasons why a landlord might choose Rent to Own over a traditional let so we thought we’d share some of them here. If you’re a landlord, read on […]

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We’re launching our very own Rent to Own scheme!

3rd May 2018

We are very excited to be launching our very own Rent to Own scheme. What is Rent to Own? Who is it for? Find out all of this and more below! What is Rent to Own and how does it work? We’re putting a modern spin on a very old idea! The concept of Rent to […]

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Celebrating a bumper April at Bricknells

1st May 2018

We’ve got reason to celebrate after a bumper April with a total of 42 properties let! April proved to be a busy month in the Bricknells office – as we move into May, we’re looking back and celebrating the fact that we let an impressive 42 properties during the last 30 days. It’s been an […]

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What’s the average rent being paid in Rotherham?

30th April 2018

The rents paid by Rotherham tenants are now standing at £999 per calendar month (pcm), a rise of 1.55% year on year and 0.15% lower month on month. This is an attention grabbing figure but it actually masks stark differences in the various parts of the Rotherham rental market. It’s an average figure, after all! […]

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Changes to EPC requirements: what do landlords need to know?

30th March 2018

From April 1st 2018 landlords will no longer be able to let properties in the private rented sector which have a minimum energy performance rating of below an E on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An EPC is required for all properties when constructed, sold or let. However, for landlords, it will now be unlawful […]

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Managing a rental property – do you really need a letting agent?

27th March 2018

At Bricknells, we regularly come across landlords who mistakenly think that all it takes to manage a rental property is to collect the rent each month and to take care of the odd bit of maintenance now and again. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is far from the reality! What these landlords don’t realise […]

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Rent to Own – coming soon to Bricknells

20th March 2018

Bricknells Rentals is excited to be launching our very own ‘Rent to Own’ scheme soon. How does ‘Rent to Own’ work? Bricknells will be letting properties on behalf of landlords in South Yorkshire to tenant buyers who have aspirations of owning their own home. The tenant will rent the property at a pre-agreed rental price […]

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